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Visiting the houses

The event is free and all are welcome. Visits to these houses are possible thanks to the kindness and generosity of the householders. Please be respectful at all times and observe some basic rules:

• Opening days vary and some can only be visited as part of a pre-booked guided tour. See the bottom of each page for opening times.

• If a house requires pre-booking then please click the Book link on the house's page for the time you wish to visit and reserve your place. Booking closes at 6pm the day before tours to the house begin.

• Pre-booked tours last between half an hour and one and a half hours depending on the house. They are led by either the householder or a professional associated with the project. They are based around the eco features listed in this brochure.

• Times for open house sessions are between 1pm - 5pm in the afternoon only. Please do not visit at other times.

• At some of the houses you may be asked to remove your shoes.

• Some of the houses are currently having building work done on them. Take care when visiting. Some photographs on this site and in the brochure show construction work which may have been completed by the time of your visit.

• Children must be supervised by an adult.

• Sorry, no dogs (please ask householder for permission to admit guide dogs).

• We encourage everyone to travel to each house by sustainable means. Details of buses and the nearest train station are listed with each Eco Open House.

• Information on all forms of sustainable transport is available at


Click here to see the timetable of opening times:


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