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Details of other local green building suppliers, eco-friendly businesses and products can be found in the Green Pages booklet produced by Brighton Peace and Environment Centre.

Some of the links on this page are to contractors who have been involved in work on Eco Open Houses. The listing is offered for information only, without any recommendation, liability or responsibility on the part of the Eco Open Houses.


Local professionals

Green building

Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB) Tel: 01559 370908
Green Building magazine Tel: 01559 370798
Energy Saving Trust Tel: 0800 512012
Building Research Establishment (BRE) Tel: 01923 664000
Carbon Trust Tel: 0800 085 2005


Earthwise Construction Tel: 0845 6800015
Old Home SuperHome
Parity Solutions Tel: 0208 296 0863
Energy Saving Trust Tel: 0800 512012
Building Research Establishment (BRE) Tel: 01923 664000
Bright Green Homes
Green Building Partnership
Brighton & Hove Green Building

Renewable energy companies

Southern Solar
DH Solar Engineering
Energy Development Co-operative Limited
Brighton Energy Co-op

Measure your carbon footprint

Energy Saving Trust

Eco-building/renovation courses and events

Green Architecture Day
Eco Renovate Your Home
Building with Straw Bales
Building with Rammed Earth and Chalk
Green Roofs
Introduction to Photovoltaics
Self-Building an Earthship

Other links

Lewes Eco open houses
Eco Technology Show
Brighton & Hove Wood Recycling Project
Sustainable Development Commission Tel: 0207 270 8498
Forum for the Future Tel: 0207 324 3630
Oxfordshire Open Eco-houses
Eco-homes Open Days 'How to do it pack'

COIN is now seeking other organisations that would like to replicate the open house model (or develop their own) in their own area. We are hoping to build sufficient coverage that we could work towards a national scheme on the same weekend or week.

Eco open houses team:

Brighton & Hove City Council
Brighton Permaculture Trust
Low Carbon Trust


EcoFab project
Interreg IVa