Find out about Eco Open Houses Worthing, which took place 18-19 April 2015

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Eco Open Houses Worthing was organised by Transition Town Worthing. It was funded by Green Open Homes, which is funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and delivered by the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) in partnership with Bristol Green Doors, Henry House Therapy Centre, Worthing Homes and Worthing County Local Committee’s Community Initiative Fund.



Visit new and renovated houses that show how to reduce your energy and water bills

Eco Open Houses 2015

The Eco Open Houses Team are currently gearing up for Eco Open Houses 2015.

Eco Open Houses will be held over the weekends of October 17th -18th and 24th-25th.

Despite announcements at a national level that requirements are being removed for new homes to be built to high standards of sustainability, and although the Green Deal is about to end, Eco Open Houses demonstrates that building sustainably is achievable and provides lots of benefits for householders, communities and businesses as well as the environment.

Further details of the 2015 event will be posted here soon.


What is Eco Open Houses?

Whether you are a home owner or tenant wanting to find out what you can do in your home to save money and feel healthier and warmer, a builder looking for better ways to build for your clients or just simply curious, come and be inspired by visiting an eco-home near you!

Some Eco Open Houses are old houses that have been retrofitted and improved, some have just been built. What they feature in common is being cheaper to run and requiring less mains energy to keep them warm.

It doesn't necessarily take expensive renovation to cut bills: behaviour changes and small alterations can make a big difference. Discover practical steps to reduce energy use, water use and carbon emissions in our own homes from the experiences of Eco Open Householders. Funding options to help you renovate your home are described in Ways to pay.

You may be interested in finding out more about what you could do to your house. Have a look at the Eco Renovate Your Home course and some of the possible funding options outlined in Links.



Green Open Homes grants for Autumn 2015

To stimulate new Green Open Homes events and boost the ambition of existing ones, the Department of Energy and Climate Change has a grant fund to help cover the costs of organising events, which Green Open Homes is administering. Organisers of open homes events can now apply for grants of up to £7,500 for events taking place in September and October of this year. The deadline for applications is 15 June. Supported events will be expected to feature a minimum of eight homes. Further details here.



Owners and volunteers show some of last years Brighton & Hove properties' features in short videos

Smart House:


Balfour Road:


Hartington Road:


These videos give some insight into the process and intentions behind the build or refurbishement.